A Postcard from Durham

Next week is reading week at Cranmer Hall. That means that I am almost half-way through the epiphany term already and roughly half-way through my degree. Deadline day for essays this term is 19th Feb so I am going to be a busy bunny for the next fourteen days or so!

Let me give you a super-quick breakdown of how assessments work at Cranmer. There are two types of assessment- Formative and Summative (Common Awards, for those in the know). Formative assessments do not count toward your degree but give the tutor/lecturer the opportunity to assess your progress ‘on the hop’. Summative assessments do count toward your degree and so you need to marshal your energies wisely for them. The three essays due on the 19th are 2,500-word Summative assessments, so it’s time to stock up on treats and caffeinated beverages!

If you are at all interested, the titles for the pieces of work in question are ‘Does the Social Model of the Trinity Offer the Most Convincing and Attractive Understanding of the Doctrine of the Trinity?’, ‘How Far is it Justifiable to Read the Book of Ecclesiastes as Offering a Hopeful Message?’ and then a couple of pieces on the gospel of John/1 Corinthians. They’re all at various stages of construction at present so if you are a praying person, please pray for my sanity and for Susanna and Zach as they have to live with me though this period.

(Some of the content mentioned above might make it onto the blog in a slightly less academic format once they’re marked- wouldn’t want the plagiarism checker to penalise me for ripping off my own work!)

I’ve blogged about how this studying needs a sense of ‘Controlled Overflow’ and the last week or two has thrown up a couple of cool opportunities for that very thing- I met with Jeremy Simpkins (a good friend and the leader of Christ Central Churches) today, and he has asked me to teach at a wider leaders gathering next month. For those of you who are familiar with Devoted, I’ll be leading a LifeZone at this year’s event, specifically focussed on exploring a book of the bible in some depth (probably Mark’s gospel) which should be great fun (I’m a bit of a Markaholic to tell you the truth!)

Anyways, that is a slightly stream of consciousness account of my life this week for you- I’ll try and do this on a semi-regular basis so that you can keep up with what’s happening.





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  1. Great to hear what is going on in Durham (little bit jealous that you get to go so often but I don’t). Will make sure I remember to pray for you and Susanna and Zach. Great to hear about the lifezone you will be leading – sounds good!

  2. Nice one Alan, thanks for keeping us posted. We love having you as a leader & are greatful for everything you do for us. We do pray for you & your lovely wife & son but will pray more often 😉


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